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... now that Covid-19 has still halted all touring and social events so for 2021, I keep active by playing for the neighborhood every Friday night at the “Live from Rosalie Happy Hour” summer concert series with Michael Prout, which brings all the neighbors from up to five blocks away to enjoy a night of music ...I also had/will been playing small vineyards throughout the state for small gatherings, only as the restrictions are provided by the governor, as a solo or duo acoustic gigs...even my classic rock cover band The Epics, finally got the cobwebs broken off, and was finally able to simmer some tasty morsels last year and will again, as soon as weather permits for outdoor rock shows...im sure it’ll be some time before we musicians can get back to our love of live gigs in bars, state fairs, big stages, concert venues, touring life or just the typical solo gig, but we’ll get thru this together..we ALL have each other’s back and we'll all support one another thru live streams, local charities or even gofundme if need..

...good luck to all of you and love life and music...be kind...I look forward to hearing all of your new, and old, projects this coming new year...

...Baltimore has an amazing inner city music family..

..soon we will all be performing feats of sonic pummelling...count on it...

...One Love...







Photo by T.Lauer 

"Absolutely Brilliant"

~ Bob Harris BBC Radio 2

" great roots rock album loaded with great songs, such as the opening blues rock track 'Jenny Lee' and the classic California sound ballad 'Jane'"

                                      ~ Mojo

"He's Fucking Professional"
~ everyone

....born in the "Summer of Love"... Jay is an American singer, songwriter and guitarist from Lakeland, Florida..it was after his first trip to Sweden when he was 16, that he got the urge to get out and see the world...


"LIFE doesn't care about you..YOU have to care about it", Jay says"..so stay healthy and happy ..love what you do ~ do what you love...and most of all..SING until the whole world hears!"

long live rock and roll


LABEL | Noisewater Records  609.558.0360


MANAGEMENT | MBE Entertainment  609.707.5222


BOOKING | jay@jayswanson.com  443.935.1818


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