Crazy Times We Are Living In 
...may you find happiness in these times and reach those goals that you are trying to reach this year....please stay safe and healthy and happy...this f#@ing Covid-19 surely has put a strain on the World, physically, globally, economically, mentally, spiritually...having the world come to a complete stop was something i never thought i would see in my lifetime..where touring and gigging came to a utter and complete not be able to travel or even give and receive HUGS is heartbreaking....but you know what, we will stay positive and be creative with the time we have and LOVE those around look at one another thru more meaningful eyes...we must continue to take LIFE on full speed and stay positive and adapt...just go with it...LIFE is about change..and change is good!
so love what you do~do what you love
stay healthy and happy
New Jay Swanson Band  Album
I am so excited for everyone to hear this new album that i started  back in February..with all that was going on in the world, i, well, we all, had plenty of time on my hands...i called on some of my favorite musicians from Baltimore to put together a great band...BJ Kerwin on drums, Eric Bouchard, from Annapolis, on bass, Greta Thomas on all the violins and strings, and Robyn Bingham, who is an amazing vocalist, added all the right backing vocals...associate producer JJ Barkett and I go way back and he was a driving force to get me to get these tunes out, and i owe him a huge SunCannon THANK YOU  for putting his size 11 shoe way up my ass to make this project happen....once again, Scott Smith, over at The Wood and Stone Room in Baltimore, put the icing on the cake...Timmy Sean of Noisewater Records, helped with cd design and i look forward to having this released on the label as well...and last but not least, Corky Ellis, from Asheville, NC, who took the amazing photo of the Airstream Ranch, a place i hold dear to my ❤️, for the album cover...☮️
The Wood and Stone Room


The Wood & Stone Room is the perfect atmosphere to make music. The room itself is warm, relaxing, and sonically pleasing. Combined with the talents of Scott & Jen Smith it is the perfect combination of technical expertise, creativity, and a team spirit...I would recommend The Wood and Stone Room to anyone. It has a casual home-town feel that puts the artist at ease and helps them perform their best. Scott Smith is one of the best in the industry, as a musician, engineer and producer. You won't be disappointed. You'll be amazed.

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